donderdag 2 juni 2011

Review: Portal 2

 By now you should have bought or at least heard of the new Valve's best-seller Portal 2.
The sequel to Portal, which was released in 2007 in the bundle package called "The Orange Box" along with Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2.
For those not perhaps familiar with the first installment, Portal 1 – go play it! It’s short – so there’s no excuse! But as a quick reminder: it is a first person linear puzzle based game with an interesting story wherein an evil AI, GLaDOS, wishes for you to simply not exist anymore, and throws many portal-based tests your way.

Portal 2 is a game whe
re your brain in your best weapon, and robots are your enemies.

The plot and story is fantastically done with sharp wit and humor due to great actors and sarcasm filling the air. Each character has their own quirks or personality trait which is really intriguing and engaging. GLaDOS, of course, is manic as ever, and draws you into the game as her evil plans and chatter envelops you into the world once again. 
Similar to the first game, you are put through many tests, this time with more involvement and story unfolding through GLaDOS. It is a very clever game, in that you remain silent throughout and you gain the story of yourself and your environment, etc, simply through GLaDOS’ dialogue, and discoveries along the way during your testing. The dialogue in the game continues to unfold the story as you go and you actively think about it even whilst away from your computer/console in anticipation for the next part!
Certain aspects of the game feel highly polished – the writing being the most fantastic script I think I have experienced in a game, and the animation is wonderful on the characters and robots. The plot has the ability to engage you and make you like or dislike certain characters very well and in an apt manner.

Also a new cool feature Co-Op has been added to the game, which makes it even more fun!
You play as one of two robots (see the picture above) – who have been the main advertisers for this game! They are charming and humorous, and feel like true companions. For me, this is where the animation was outstanding. It’s so slick that you don’t even think about or notice how great it is – the attention to detail concerning the robotic movements of limbs and piston style running etc is fantastic. As you progress through the co-op chambers, you unlock emotes to use, some of them are co-op moves, such as taunting or high fives, and others are single ones.
Of course there are a few scratches on the paintwork, namely the loading screens between each chamber. A hassle to sit through and on par with Mass Effect’s dreadful elevators. Convenient, as you are, infact, in an elevator. The other gripe is that some of the textures are not perfect up close, such as on walls. A disappointment but ultimately not a dent on the greatness of the game, and other graphical features make up for it.
By my opinion Portal 2 is one of the greatest games i ever got the chance to play and it made me think like no game ever before. That's what i like the most about it. It also lets the gaming industry see that you don't need harcore shooter games to make the costumer enjoy the game. I suggest you all (gamers) to play this game! You won't regret!
Available for: PC, PS3 and XBOX360.

Did you already play the game? If so, what did you like about it?

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  1. I think the game was great, not the most amazing game ever but a really good game. The story was great but I still like the original because of the "newness" of it and its indie feel.

  2. Cool blog, pal! followed, MC-hammer style!!!

  3. yeah man i love portal 2! played all through it already. following you man i hope you post daily!

  4. A must play just like the first one. And the twist in the story (no spoilers ;P)!

  5. My favorite game the last few months. SUch a good sequel!